Sports News

From the Sport Department

Weekly EISM Sport is in full flight now that the Senior School camps are finished. Students are reminded that if you are in a senior sport team, training is compulsory.

Please ensure you arrive ready to train at 4pm and are wearing a Huntingtower top (PE, Year 9, hockey shirt, etc.)

Year 7 and 8 students are nearly finished their swimming and athletics rotations and will start trials for their winter seasons soon.


Now that swimming has finished, we move on to the athletics season. There are several training sessions on offer, and we urge students to attend so they can hone their skills leading into the Huntingtower Athletics carnival in week 10.

Training sessions are:

Every Monday during period 6 (3.15-4.00pm) - Meet on the MYC deck.

Wednesday mornings from 7am, again meet on the MYC deck.

House Swimming

A big thank you to everyone for their efforts at the Huntingtower Swimming Carnival. Apart from the students swimming their hearts out in the pool, there were many staff members behind the scenes making sure everything ran smoothly.

Congratulations to Rayner House on their win. Rayner Swimming Captains Giorgio and Jordan were very pleased to take home the House Swimming Trophy and Mr Jones hasn't left the silverware out of his sight since it returned to Huntingtower.

EISM Swimming

Well done to all those who competed at the EISM Swimming Carnival. It was a great evening in at MSAC and we had some outstanding performances and Huntingtower took home another win!

Scores from the night were:

1 Huntingtower

2 Luther

3 Eltham

Thank you to Helen, Brendan and the HSAC staff for their work leading up to the carnival. Our students gave amazing performances throughout the evening.

Students who achieved a first place were:

U14 Boys Medley Relay: Michael Xiao, Jason Waugh, Marcus Nielsen, Braedyn Khong

U15 Boys Medley Relay: Cody le Blanc, Jason Zhu, Alvin Tong, Robert Phillips

Senior Girls Medley Relay: Angel Phillips, Alyssa Chau, Jordan le Blanc, Isabella Clark

U13 Girls 50m Freestyle: Maxine Milasinovich

U13 Boys 50m Freestyle: Xavier Tan

U14 Boys 50m Freestyle: Marcus Nielson

U14 Boys 50m Freestyle: Jason Waugh

U16 Girls 50m Freestyle: Vicky Tan

U13 Boys 50m Backstroke: Xavier Tan

U15 Girls 50m Backstroke: Abby Harrington

U13 Boys 50m Breaststroke: Xavier Tan

U16 Girls 50m Breaststroke: Vicky Tan

U16 Girls 50m Butterfly: Abby Harrington

U13 Girls 4x50m Freestyle Relay: Maxine Milasinovich, Sophie Wu, Sophie Jiang, Ava Rulton

U14 Boys 4x50m Freestyle Relay: Michael Xiao, Jason Waugh, Marcus Nielsen, Braedyn Khong

U16 Girls 4x50m Freestyle Relay: Lauren Rodrigo, Anthea Milasinovich, Tharushi Amararatne, Vicky Tan

Senior Girls 4x50m Freestyle Relay: Angel Phillips, Alyssa Chau, Jordan le Blanc, Isabella Clark