Message from the Principal


Thought for the week:

"Always see others in the best light possible. You will be surprised at how they will live up to your expectations."


We always have a choice; to look with love or to look with the absence of love. Whatever we are looking at will respond to the message we are sending. Yes, whatever it is is aware of the presence or absence of love. Whether it's a person, an animal, or a thing. Have you ever had a coffee made by someone who obviously loves what they are doing; loves serving you and loves the very act of preparing a coffee for you, versus the barista who is really bored with the job, goes through the motions, is longing for the day to end and barely looks at you while serving  - they're sometimes quite startled when you speak to them! As someone who really enjoys a good coffee, I can assure you I can taste the love in a cup of coffee - or the absence thereof! If you can taste it in a coffee, how much more can you sense it in another person?

This is just one reason why I don't like the use of the word "tolerance" when we are talking about cultures, orientations, religions or races different to our own. Tolerance is not love - it means to "put up with". Other people will feel your absence of love when the thought you have is tolerance. We must not show tolerance to others - we must love them  - all of them with no exceptions. God, Divine Love, makes no exceptions. All of God's children are unconditionally loved and to get closer to an understanding of God, we need to love ourselves and others more. We need to see ourselves as He made us and as He sees us; spiritual, unlimited, divine and perfect!

Recently we got the results of the Indonesian Sayembara competition and found that our students had won numerous First and Second places in the State finals. There are too many for me to mention here, but they ranged through all levels in both Junior and Senior School. Congratulations and thank you to the members of the Indonesian Department and all the students.

What a wonderful evening of music we were treated to at the Choral and Orchestral Concert held at Robert Blackwood Hall on Wednesday night. Congratulations to all the students, choristers, orchestral players and conductors and to our Music Director, Lynley Bramble.

Congratulations to the Junior School on their wonderful performances of "Wind in the Willows". It was delightful to see all the Junior School students involved. Well done to Ms Greiveson and to Anne Wilson on an excellent production.

Thank you to the P&F for their support of the school with the numerous events they have organised and the ones they are planning. You are a wonderful and dedicated team.

I wish everyone a happy and warm Winter break.

Sholto Bowen OAM