Message from the Principal

Thought for the week:

"You must learn a new way to think before you can master a new way to be."

Marianne Williamson

I once read that our life experience is infused with the energy we bring to it. When we are miserable, we bring misery to our life experience; when we are frantic, life becomes frantic, when we are loving, life becomes loving; when we are forgiving, we find ourselves forgiven and when we are peaceful, life becomes peaceful. So, our goal is always to find peace within ourselves which enables us to bring peace to the world by our very presence. Answers to issues are seldom found in busyness, they are found in moments of peace, of quietness, of contemplation or of meditation. Jesus told us that when we pray we should go into our closet, close the door and then pray. I don't think he meant that we should lock ourselves in the broom cupboard; our closet is our thinking, and when we close the door we are blocking out the noise and clamour of daily demands and materiality and we are better able to hear the guidance that is available for us when we listen.

Thank you to those parents who have joined our Parents & Friends Association (P&F) Committee. These dedicated parents do so much for the school and act as a conduit for information to and from the school, as well as doing much needed fund raising and assist with functions and activities. The new P&F Association President is Stu Canning; the Treasurer is Ivan de Souza and the Secretary is Poppy Gounaris. Thank you to the office bearers and all the other members.

After a very exciting House Swimming Carnival which was won by Mather House, The EISM Division One Swimming Carnival was held last Tuesday and in a very exciting competition Huntingtower was once again victorious in all sections; Girls, Boys and the overall trophy. It was closer this year as Huntingtower is the school that all others are striving to emulate. We like that! If we are instrumental in lifting everyone's standard that can only be a good thing. Congratulations to all the swimmers, the staff members involved and to our wonderful HSAC staff; Mrs Helen Aden, Brendan Powell and the other dedicated staff members including Mrs Savage and Mr Smith.

After a very successful House Music Festival which was held over 7 wonderful nights, Warrell once again emerged as the victors. However, the House Choir event was won by Bruce House and the House Orchestra item was won by Rayner. All the houses won at least one item but Warrell's consistency saw them just get ahead by 2 points from Mather with Bruce and Rayner coming joint third. Thank you to all the House Music Captains for their hard work in training the orchestras, choirs and ensembles, to the Heads of House for their unceasing encouragement and enthusiasm and to the Music Department for their organisation and support of the whole event.

The Junior School Athletics Carnival was held under beautiful conditions and was a joyous event. Every student ran their very best and it was a pleasure to see their excited and shining faces at the end of the mornings activities. Congratulations to Thomson House for winning the event and to the House Captains for their excellent speeches.

While the traffic flow problem has improved, we still have some congestion at critical times. I thank you for your patience and for the care you take when driving on the school property.

Sholto Bowen OAM