Message from the Principal

Thought for the week:

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your path"

Proverbs 3: 5,6

Welcome to 2017!

We have had a wonderful start to the school year and expect the year to get better and better. The students are excited; the staff are energised and everyone is focussing on our special themes for the year which are "Uplift thought" and "Together is better".

Thank you to the parents who attended the commencement assembly and also those at the new parents evening.

It is reported that John Lennon said that his mother always told him that happiness was the key to life. When he went to school the teacher asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up. He said "happy". They told him he didn't understand the assignment and John Lennon's response was that they didn't understand life.

In essence, everything we do is an attempt to gain happiness; whether we chase after fame, money, success in business, academic success or anything else, it is always in the belief that what we seek will bring us happiness. An understanding that Life is God and that man is the reflection of all that God is, brings the sense of peace that comes from knowing that we can always be happy because God is.

To all those who completed the parent satisfaction survey last year we say a big thank you. The average response score was 4.11 out of a possible 5 and we are grateful for your generosity. The areas identified as needing some attention included "communication", "Feedback", "The Fete" and "iPads". The executive has taken all of these on board and is working on ways to improve the communication and feedback methods, in particular to ensure that all parents know what the different communication possibilities are. We are also developing strict controls around iPad use at school and will inform Year 7 parents of these at the information night on Monday 13th Feb at 6.30pm. A summary will also be sent home to other parents. You will be updated in future bulletins as to the other areas we are addressing. The vast majority of people were thrilled with the values of the school, the high expectations, the school ethos, how happy their children are to come to school, the caring teachers, the balance between academics and co-curricular activities and many more. We thank you for your support.

The traffic flow in the carpark before and after school is currently extremely problematic. Can I encourage all senior school parents to consider asking your child to walk to Lawrence Road or the Scout Hall or down Waimarie Drive to be picked up rather than entering the school and trying to find parking. If you come to school a little later than when they are due to finish, you will be able to pick them up as soon as you arrive rather than having to find parking and wait for them. Please also check with your child about the activities they have after school and what time they will finish. Please note that until the House Music Competition is over, they will all finish at 4pm on a Tuesday.

We thank you for your patience while the construction works are being undertaken.

A reminder that the Parents & Friends AGM will be held at 7.30pm in the Middle Years Centre on Monday 13 February. We would love to see a good crowd there. I look forward to seeing you at this and many other events through the year.

Sholto Bowen OAM