Message from the Principal

Thought for the Week:

"You're braver than you believe,

And stronger than you seem,

And smarter than you think"

                          AA Milne

You really are, you know! As the reflection of infinite Life, Love and Intelligence, you are far braver than you believe because you have no fear of what is coming next (you are in Love's care); you are stronger than you seem because you reflect the infinite energy of Life and you are smarter than you think because you are actually being thought by infinite intelligence. You are an idea held in the Mind of God. You of yourself can do nothing! Winnie the Pooh was a very wise little bear.

Well, a new leader will sit in the White House from early next year. An interesting leader, one who says what he thinks, doesn't care what others think about him and one who is not controlled by the American corporations and lobby groups. He has some interesting ideas about international relations, separation and trade and, it seems, a more America-centric view of the world than we have seen from previous Presidents. He seems to be keen on building walls rather than bridges and we could fall into the trap of becoming fearful of what might happen.

The solution is not to see him as anything other than who he "really" is. Whatever material picture he seems to present, remember that he is actually an idea held in Mind – God's Mind! If that is the case then he really has all the wisdom that is available. He expresses Principle which means that just and effective government is his natural activity. We can wrap him in love because that is his true being. He is the expression of love. Replace any picture of ego in action with God in action. Each time a suggestion of anything other than the truth presents itself, replace it with God, good, and whatever we hold thought to, is what we will experience.

It's going to be an interesting administration with many opportunities for growth.

Thank you so much to everyone involved in the 2016 Huntingtower Fete. From the wonderful music and dancing, to silent auctions and the clothing store, to food from all over the world, the opportunity was there for everyone to have a fun day. Lots of rides for the kids and mobile entertainment meant that the community could come together and enjoy the beautiful grounds and buildings and we rugged up so that we didn't freeze and held on to the trees so that we didn't blow away. Thank you to the P&FA and Fete Committee, the Fete Representatives and coordinators and planners; we are very grateful to you all.

Our Year 12 students are hard at work completing their exams. Soon they will be free from study (for a little while). We wish them well for the final few exams and ask that they take special care during any celebrations that they may choose to be involved in afterwards. We look forward to seeing them again at the School Formal and at Speech Day.

Sholto Bowen OAM